Block Island bore, by calculation, N.W. 1–4 W. fifteen miles; but the fog was so thick all day that we could see nothing. 4 Having got through the ship’s duty, and washed and shaved, we went below, and had a fine time overhauling our chests, laying aside the clothes we meant to go ashore in and throwing overboard all that were worn out and good for nothing. Away went the woollen caps in which we had carried hides upon our heads, for sixteen months, on the coast of California; the duck frocks, for tarring down rigging; worn-out and darned mittens and patched woollen trowsers which had stood the tug of Cape Horn. We hove them overboard with a good will; for there is nothing like being quit of the very last appendages and remnants of our evil fortune. We got our chests all ready for going ashore, ate the last “duff” we expected to have on board the ship Alert; and talked as confidently about matters on shore as though our anchor were on the bottom.
Two Years Before the Mast

Salty sews and paints these bags right there on the Napa River at his Napa Valley workshop
Made from heavy cotton canvas, these bags are built tough
ready for shore leave or a shopping expedition

Hand Painted by Steve Johnson
not just a bag, each one is a work of art

Currently Out of Production

Saltys small canvas ditty bags
approximately 7 inch in diameter
and 14 inches tall

easily holds a pair of pants and a shirt or 2
this size bag is $50

this little black one is our test bag,
it has been thru the washing machine and the dryer twice, before the pix were taken.
the leather and the rope were pulled out, the bag turned inside out
and into the machine with a load of work clothes twice, a couple weeks apart
no worries !
Saltys bigger canvas awol bags
about 11 inch diameter
and 24 inches tall
easily holds 2 bath towels, 2 t-shirts, 3 sweatshirts, a pair of levis, 3 pair of socks
with room to spare
(thats what I stuffed in it to take the pix)

heavy cotton webbing carry strap makes it easy to carry
and the bottom handle easy to dump the contents

this size bag is $80

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